Instantli -


Instantli – Find and Visualize Information on Your Desktop

An app (iOX, Windows10) that shows a user what he needs for what he is currently doing, reading or writing on his PC – as a standalone or enterprise solution.

Scope of functionality

Find Documents

Find important documents, emails, social media, and other content related to what is being read or written.

Central timeline

Display an overview of all important news, appointments and documents of the respective day at a central location.

Comprehensive search

Finds what is needed, whether it is a file, a message or other content on a PC or from a Cloud/Enterprise.

Cloud/Enterprise Integration

Benefit from the knowledge of a team or an organization by making content from the Cloud/Enterprise as easy to see and understand as on your own PC.


Every file displayed in the app or its content can be a starting point for further contexts (context search).


The user can decide what is important to him by filtering contexts. The results can be filtered by relevance or by keywords.


Sort content by relevance or time

Show contents

Save time by viewing files, email, and other content locally or enterprise wide in Instantli.

Open content

Call documents and other content to edit them directly in one of the Office programs

Display contents in Explorer.

Show files in Windows Explorer to manage them there as usual.

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