Business Intelligence -

Business Intelligence

Do you lack time or resources for future-oriented analyses? We don’t give you an overview, but a complete overview.

With the right tools, you can master time-consuming and nerve-racking data analyses quickly and easily. Improved information quality enables you to achieve a precise strategy adjustment and a sustainable competitive advantage. You do not make decisions from your gut, but on the basis of clearly prepared data.


From a simple report to a complex analysis: kneconAnalytics is the tool for the preparation of your management ratios.


kneconDesk is an efficient and transparent reporting tool for linking, visualizing and processing relevant data.

Advantages at a glance

  • Supports the ongoing adaptation of corporate strategy to market needs
  • Flexible, efficient and cost-saving
  • Monetization of fallow data
  • Reduction of data complexity / clear presentation
  • Dynamic, near real-time updates